The smell of fresh baked bread, the twirl of homemade pasta in your bowl, the melt in your mouth buttery flaky pie crust – these don’t have to be guilty pleasures anymore.  The time has come to re-imagine wheat and its place at our table.  Heritage and ancient wheats are becoming more and more available and with that we have a whole new palette of flavor and nutrition at our fingertips.  With the proper preparation, we can not only enjoy wheat again but benefit from its incredible nutritional properties.  Fermentation is the key to unlocking vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and making them bioavailable.  “Gluten – Don’t Fight It, Ferment It!”


In all our workshops, we will dive deeply into heritage whole wheat and increase your knowledge of these unique varietals and their place your pantry.  We will work hands on with whole grains and flour creating grain bowls, fresh pasta, pie crust, artisan bread, pizza and much more!  After we get our hands dirty in the kitchen we will sit down together to share our experience and “break bread” over the food we have created. 


I invite you into my kitchen to learn, explore and taste with me.