Local/Regional Grain Sources

Aspen Moon Farm

Aspen Moon Farm

Aspen Moon Farm (Colorado)

Boulder Farmers' Market info@aspenmoonfarm.com
2017 Turkey Red and Red Fife whole grain and milled available.

Stephens Land & Cattle (Kansas)

Turkey Red available at Moxie Bread Co. Louisville www.moxiebreadco.com

Joel Starr (Nebraska)

Ethiopian Blue Tinge Emmer available at Moxie Bread Co.

Pastificio, Boulder Farmers' Market www.bcfm.org. Handmade local heritage whole grain pastas




for Pasayten: hard white spring wheat or Methow: hard red spring wheat - both are high in protein and great for bread and pizza - Pasayten has a super mellow flavor and light color - no one would know it was whole wheat ;)


great for recipes and information on the different culinary properties of the grains - also if you don't have a mill you can buy flour here


great for recipes and culinary descriptions - no whole grains for sale- very unique varietals


for Sonora white - a soft white wheat great for pastries  Also can be used as a smaller percentage in bread and pizza 20-50% for a creamy texture in your crumb www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-item/white-sonora-


for hard to find wheat varietals like Rouge de Bordeaux and Marquis. Terrific corn too - Bloody Butcher Red and Hopi Blue!


identity preserved whole grain products- best whole grain pasta I have found yet! and whole grain flour and terrific recipes - I love the whole grain crepes!


Denver source for Kamut- my favorite all around! Great for pasta, bread, cakes, waffles, pretty much anything - read up on it at
www.kamut.com  You can also get Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt here as well - call ahead for pick up


Everything you need to know about Einkorn, the mother of all wheat. Whole grain and flour available