Heritage Whole Grain Artisan Bread Workshop

Heritage Whole Grain Artisan Bread Workshop


This all day hands-on heritage 100% whole grain artisan bread workshop in Boulder, Colorado will explore the benefits of natural fermentation and the re-introduciton of heritage whole grains into our diets. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Workshop Details:

  • heritage wheat varietals and how to use them in artisan bread baking

  • home milling

  • how to build and maintain a natural starter

  • the superior flavor and nutrition of whole heritage grain

Workshop Price Includes:

  • 1 Lodge combo cooker

  • 1 banneton basket

  • sour dough starter

  • loaf of bread

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1: 12-6pm
Artisan Bread Baking including 100% whole grain bread

Mix, Bulk Fermentation, Turns, Final Shaping and Proof

Score and Bake in home oven

Workshops are in Boulder, Colorado:

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1 person minimum - 6 person maximum

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